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Monday, 17 September 2018

New Book Journey

I started writing my new book today. I wrote just over a thousand words and felt extremely proud of myself.

It's been a journey in itself getting to this point because although I started the research for this book before the summer I was about to embark on another journey. One that took me from London (where I'd lived all my life) to the Herefordshire countryside.

Everyone told me it would be wonderful. I could sit in my new little cottage and get loads of inspiration from the views. True. The only problem is that finding a new home, moving and settling in are all very stressful processes. Not to mention tiring as anything. I wasn't tired today. In fact after my yoga I was feeling super creative and rattled out the start of my book after breakfast.

The new book? Well the working title is Dear ... Anybody?

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, it contrasts various aspects of my own life.

The premise of the book is a journalist whose life spirals out of control when she is badly let down by her closest friend and her boyfriend. She goes on a roller coster of destruction from binge eating to binge drinking and losing her job as a journalist in the process. At a party she is offered a job as the editor of a country magazine and decides to take it up. In a drunken state she agrees to uproot from London and move to the remote village of Bridley. (Totally made up place).

Quick disclaimer: I didn't turn to booze or lose my job before moving to Herefordshire Neither was I offered a job as an editor. (I wish). No, moving to the country has always been a dream of mine.

I'm happy to be in the countryside but my heroine is only giving the new job six months. One year, tops. I haven't decided on her fate and maybe you can help me if you take this journey into the life of Sydney Banks with me. (Not sure if she'll keep that name but it was the one I think suits her the most).

This is what Sydney sees as she takes her first countryside walk. Very different from London. What will she make of the cows, sheep and rolling hills?

Join the journey and find out. If you haven't already subscribed, please do so and comment on the journey our heroine is about to take!

See you soon!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Publication Day!

I've been working away at my writing, trying to bring the Magenta Bright series to its conclusion and finally the publication day for the third book has arrived.

Yes today is Publication Day of the last adventure in this trilogy. I've been very slack on the blogging side of my writing as you can tell but today I'm excited and I just had to drop in and tell you that Playing For Keeps is published today.

I love the cover design by the folks at HQ Digital. It's feisty and fun, just like my heroine, Magenta Bright.

I've loved being a part of Magenta's world and this final story is my personal favourite.

If you haven't dipped into the other two you can find them on your favourite digital platforms or you can follow these Amazon links for the UK site:

Playing By The Rules
(On special offer until 18th Feb 2018)
Playing Her Cards Right
I hope you enjoy the series. And don't forget, if you do read any of these, please leave a review. I'd love to know what you think!

Happy Reading