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Thursday, 11 May 2017

What's in a Name

So, has it really been two and half months since I last posted on my blog? Pretty shameful, I have to say, and apologies to everyone who dropped by wondering what on earth had happened to me!

I promise I've been fine but I've been very busy with my writing - very busy indeed.

This isn't me by the way, just a random set of hands on a computer but you get the idea. I've been writing, folks.

Since Playing By The Rules was published by HQ Digital, I have gone on to sign a further two book deal with them and I've been working on a second book to be published soon. I was so chuffed to have been asked to write a further two books.

With my deadlines looming I set to work and haven't come up for air apart for family commitments, eating, sleeping and just life in general. So I'm back, maybe not as regularly as I have been in the past but still happy to share my writing journey with you.

I'm at the final stages before sending my manuscript to the editors (I shouldn't really be here, I should be working) and then I wait to see if they like it!

In the meantime, I'm stuck for a name for my new book, a book I'll go into a little more detail about next time I'm here. Which will be soon!

Hopefully I would have come up with a title for my new book ... I hopes so anyway!

Thanks for dropping by!

Tell me what you've been working on and what are you working on right now?

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