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Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017!

I'd like to say I'm starting 2017 with a bang but it's going to be more of a ping. But that doesn't mean that 2017 won't be great!

I've already started drafting my next novel, decided to take more exercise, going to drink more water and say a positive affirmation everyday. This is how I guarantee that I stay focussed, stay positive and get lots done without working myself into a frazzle.

I worked hard in 2016 and achieved a lot of personal as well as work related goals so I'm approaching the coming year in a similar way.

Just before Christmas I did a 30 day yoga camp (at home and followed it on YouTube - nothing fancy). With each day came a new affirmation and those really made me focus on what was important to me and set the framework for how I'd like to be in 2017.

So here I am - the 2017 version of Rosa Temple and I can't wait to get going ... but first, I'll put the kettle on, polish off the last few Xmas chocolates and join you on my next blog as I start my 2017 journey.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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