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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My Ideal Christmas

Originally posted on Hello Chick Lit on 24th October 2016

For the first time ever, I wrote a Christmas book of my own. Usually when I’ve written Christmas stories it was for a ghostwriting job I was being paid to do. And, because I have to follow an outline for the story, I just wrote on auto-pilot and it really didn’t register with me that I was writing about Christmas in the late summer or early autumn. I was just going through the motions and getting paid for a job.
In reality I’m just not one for getting Christmassy until right on top of Christmas day itself!
Seriously, I normally buy Christmas presents, decorate the tree and the house just a week before the big day. I know a lot of you will think I’m cutting it a bit fine but I’ve always been like that – compacting all the festivities into a small time frame rather than let Christmas take over a whole month or more. In fact you wouldn’t catch me going near a mince pie before December 20th – crazy right?
But this year, with just over three months to go until one of the best holidays in the year, Christmas feels like it’s just days away to me this time around. My Christmas build up has started now and I’ve already got my eye on my favourite Christmas sweater, even though it’s still quite warm here in London.
And the reason I’m getting in the mood for the holidays is because I spent most of my year creating my first Christmas novel and it’s all I’ve talked about, dreamt about and thought about for months!
With that in mind I started thinking about what makes Christmas special for me – apart from the book :)
Mainly it’s the idea of seeing family I don’t get to see very often because we all have such busy lives. People make more of an effort for a get together – which is fantastic.
My ideal Christmas looks something like this:
  • Watching all my favourite films with a cosy blanket and a warm drink. Some of my favourites include: Meet Me In St Louis and It’s A Wonderful Life.
  • Getting stuck into an equally snuggly Christmas story in the evening. I like to pull out a classic some years like, Little Women or A Christmas Carol.
  • Look around my living room and bedroom, wondering how I can spruce it up or do something different with it. Some years it meant new cushions, a sparkly quilt over, sometimes just some scented candles did the trick. I mean apart from having a huge tree in your living room, I always think something more than the usual is needed.
  • On the day itself, I traditionally get out my favourite music ie jazz collections of all the Christmas carols and Christmas songs I know and love, then I turn up the music while I’m cooking and sing along. Loud. If I’m annoying people I just don’t care – it’s Christmas.
I have also been known to over indulge on the food and drink and I use the fact that it’s Christmas as an excuse.
And who knows, if I publish a Christmas book next year, I might make getting into the spirit of Christmas sooner rather than later a habit! I’m enjoying it so far.

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