Thursday, 8 September 2016

What I #amwriting!

The summer is nearly over here in the UK. It was a hot one for most of us and just this week the sun surprised us with another boost of heat and we all whipped off our cardigans and got back out in the garden or went to the park to cool off. It's been the best summer we've had weatherwise in a few years.

But while I sit waiting for the sun to warm us up again for another lovely day, I'm also mindful of the task I set myself earlier this year and that was to write a 3 book series!

In my short writing career so far I've published a novella called Sleeping With Your Best Friend and recently I published my first full length book, Natalie's Getting Married. They both have had some pretty goody reviews, even if I say so myself, so I'm looking forward to publishing my Christmas novel, Single by Christmas, very soon.

The Magenta Bright Book Series

Now on to write the series!
I already had the character Magenta Bright in my mind and the basic idea of what she would encounter and what her story would be and I was looking forward to writing the first book.

I've marked out a rough plan for the whole series so I know exactly what's going to happen (unless of course Magenta has other ideas, as often happens with my characters).

Because it was such a big undertaking I decided to give myself time scales to work to in order to get the whole series written. And let me tell you it's so much more difficult to plan a series than it is a one off. I always wondered how some writers of books in a series kept the ideas fresh and kept their readers coming back for more, but the fact that a lot of my readers wanted follow ups to both my novella and my novel, it got me thinking that if a character is popular enough, then people will be eager to keep on reading about them.

So the basic deadline plan was etched out. Sadly, because of other commitments I got behind straight away. BUT I'm about 26k words into book one and that should be 30k by the end of the week! Sunshine or no sunshine, I'm staying in to work on this novel!

With Single by Christmas about to go off to the proof reader (see my forthcoming post about Writing  a Christmas Novel) It's heads down and lets see what Magenta does next ...

Quick blurb about the first Magenta Bright book

Magenta Bright has one year to prove she can hold down a job. If she does, she gets her hands on a sizeable trust fund. If she fails, the money stays in trust until she is forty-five. Now twenty-eight, Magenta has to shake off her wild child image, forfeit being bailed out by her rich parents – and grow up. She likes the finer things in life, designer handbags, shoes and objet d’art for her Holland Park apartment. So how does a girl who hasn’t had a job for more than two months cope? First she finds a job and soon discovers that new boss, Anthony Shearman, is as big a flake as she is. Not only does she have to keep her job, she has to keep Anthony from quitting his otherwise she’ll have to start again. The most fraught and madcap year of her life has begun. Magenta will get her hands on that trust fund and nothing and nobody will stand in her way … even if she's drives herself, and everyone around her, completely crazy in the process.

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