Monday, 22 August 2016

Writing A Christmas Novel - Part 5

I was prompted to continue my 'Writing A Christmas Novel' series after seeing a string of films being shown back to back on Channel 5 (here in the UK) this weekend. Curious, since we're also going through a bit of a mini heatwave here at the moment.

The Christmas novel in question - Single By Christmas
English: Christmas-themed check mark
The process so far:

Write the book - Check
Write the blurb - Check
Book cover finalised - Check
Book sent to Beta readers - Check
Book sent to reviewers - Check
Sitting and twiddling of fingers - Check

Well the last one's not strictly true. I'm in a bit of a How Should I Market My Book dilemma. With my last novel, Natalie's Getting Married, I spent money on a one week cover reveal followed by a one week book tour. And to be perfectly honest with you I can't really tell if the tours helped to generate sales.The book didn't exactly fly off the shelves despite the number of five star reviews I got from reviewers and the great feedback from beta readers.

One positive thing I did do was make my novella, Sleeping With Your Best Friend free and that encouraged sales of Natalie's Getting Married. Then when I offered Natalie's Getting Married for free it generated sales from countries other than US, UK, Australia and Canada - I actually reached readers in Spain, France and Germany!

So while I'm still contemplating the book tour route, I will be doing a price drop promo of Natalie's Getting Married in the hope that it will generate more awareness of my books and might encourage readers to look out for Single by Christmas. A bit of a long shot I know but I know the road to making my mark on the book world is going to be a very long and very hard one to negotiate with so many well established writers out there and so many new ones popping up as I write.

I am, however, reading up on lots of marketing advice and I'll have to make some decisions soon. In the meantime, I'm writing my next book (the first in a series actually) and I'll be approaching a proof reader in order to get Single by Christmas ready for publication on 1st November!

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