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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Price Drop Promotion!

Well it's offer time here at Temple Towers (not a real place you understand but it sounds like it could be) and this weekend I'm doing a Price Drop Promotion on #Amazon this weekend.

Last time there was a Bank Holiday here in the UK I gave my novel Natalie's Getting Married away for Free!

A lot of authors try offering their books for free or dropping the price in the hopes it will entice new readers to take a chance on their books - especially if you're a relatively unknown writer. Chances are you'll all know me and know my books but there's a good chance that you only just came across this blog and you might be curious about my books.

Well if you're the latter (or maybe you have come across this blog before but have yet to pick up one of my books) then you're in luck:

From Friday 26th August until Monday 29th August
Natalie's Getting Married is reduced to just 99p on Amazon Kindle in the UK and 99c on Amazon Kindle US.

Still here?
Get over there and grab a copy slow coach!

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