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Guest Post - Bernadette Maycock

As part of #ComedyBookWeek, I am happy to welcome Bernadette Maycock to my blog as she shares this brillaint post today!


Guest post by Bernadette Maycock

One day there was a girl sitting next to me on the bus, reading. I stole a glance to see what she was reading as you do (well I don’t know if you do, but I definitely have to anyhoo!)
Now generally I fly to my phone to send myself a text message informing myself of the name of said book, which I HAVE to read, but in this unusual instance I’d read the book so I didn’t have to.
Here’s the thing. Not only had I read it, I intrinsically remembered numerous details, one being that it was touted as hilarious, laugh out loud, and in one particular damning review (I later deemed it damning for me, it wasn’t at that point), the blogger had informed us, the readers, that she had almost fallen off her chair as she was laughing so hard. Really? Okay then! I was in! I’m a sucker for comedy and this was too good an opportunity to pass up (it was ninety nine cent on Kindle).
Afterwards, it was these accolades that put me in a seriously bad mood. As in stormy. Because not only had I not laughed once, I had only smiled once or twice in the whole four hundred odd pages. The writing was fine, a nice romance, pretty descriptions and I think in the end I gave it 3.5/5 but I did mention that not everyone would find the romantic comedy label it had been tagged with appropriate.
Fast forward a year and this girl had a smile embedded on her face. At times she was even chuckling out loud.
She caught me looking and removed her earphones. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she said, smiling, ‘It’s just this book is bloody hilarious! The dialogue is cracking me up!’
I vaguely remembered the girls in the book giggling over guys, snorting with laughter at other times, and I remember my foot twitching as I read while twice wondering if I should just quit.
The girl’s response only served to cement my view that no two people will get the same out of a book and that is why it is so wonderful that there’s something for everyone out there. So I hope you find your book that will make you ‘laugh out loud,’ ‘snort,’ or ACTUALLY ‘fall off your chair’ (not if you get hurt though, that would be a bit mean of me). Because there is one out there for everybody, and look hard enough and you’ll find yours. Honest!

About the author

When Bernadette Maycock (writing as B. R. Maycock) isn’t reminiscing about her times with Heather from ‘It Started With A Snub,’ (good times!), she participates in a closed Facebook group called Imagine, Write, Inspire (IWI). This is led by the award-winning author Carmel Harrington (Harper Fiction-Beyond Grace’s Rainbow, The Life You Left, Every Time a Bell Rings). She has contributed to their three publications, “All I want for Christmas,” “Stop Waiting For Friday” and “The Love Anthology; A collection of short stories."
She can also be found on her book review blog (, reviewing books that are 'the lighter side of heavy TBR lists,' in particular chick lit (her first love!) and women's fiction or on Twitter, where she devours bbok blogs and writing articles. Bernadette is also a member of ChicklitChatHQ, another closed group that allows her to eat and breathe chick lit!
She lives in Co. Westmeath, Ireland with her brilliantly out there husband, Keith, and four amazing children- Paul, Conor, Aidan and Brian.

It Started With A Snub by Bernadette Maycock

HEATHER GREEN is a fun loving, happy go lucky, twenty-six year old who has remained upright and beaming despite a few wobbles in life. She wears her heart on her sleeve and pins on her thoughts for good measure.

We meet Heather as she moves out of her family home to share with four guys, much to the dismay of her long suffering (by his own admission!) boyfriend Graham. We follow her housemates and watch their sometimes funny, sometimes-fraught relationships as they go about their daily lives.

Join Heather as she navigates the simple things in life, her inability to remember the code for the house alarm, odd driving habits, general musings on chick flicks, casualties in cooking, as well as her attempts to talk down the “mad farmer with the gun.” Experience comedy and drama as we get to know her family and housemates, and, as an unexpected event finally takes her down, learn what happens when the last people you expected to turn to are actually the ones you need the most.

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