Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Book Review - How To Cook Up A Disaster

It's #ComedyBookWeek and today I'm reviewing 'How To Cook Up a Disaster' by author, Rachel Elizabeth Cole.

The Blurb:

Sadie Dawson's mother goes into labor hours before her great-grandfather's 100th birthday party and Mom refuses to cancel the festivities. Now it's up to domestically-challenged Sadie to host the dinner party--only she hasn't a clue how to cook a turkey.

This could be the mother of all culinary disasters, but with the help of her two best friends, Sadie is determined to pull off the best dinner party in a hundred years. And maybe land Mr. Right, too.

How to Cook Up A Disaster is a breezy chick lit novelette which should also appeal to romantic comedy fans.

My Thoughts:

Who says cute things don't come in small packages. This short and sweet read will appeal to everyone who likes fast paced, comedic romances.

This one is a real 'situation comedy' with most of the action taking place in the family home, all of which lets the reader settle into the story without taking too many leaps and bounds into various settings.

Characters are well defined and the dialogue came across as pretty natural, always a plus in my mind!

This book makes up part of a series by Rachel Elizabeth, there are three in total:

The DIY Dating Series:
Book One: How to Cook Up a Disaster
Book Two: How to Knit a Tangled Mess
Book Three: How to Wallpaper a Catastrophe

So if you want to curl up with a coffee or a glass of wine, and suggest grabbing one of these and looking out for more by the author!

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