Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Writing A Christmas Novel - Part Two

I'm making good progress with my Christmas novel, Single by Christmas! but still feeling the pressure of trying to get it to book reviewers sooner rather than later.

I'm happy to say that I have written it and completed three edits. I'm definitely not a fan of the editing process but I know it's a necessity. The next stage is to get it to my editor. I've ticked that box and I'm waiting for the feedback so I can go in for the final edit. Once that's all taken care of, I can do my happy dance.

But while I'm waiting to hear back from the editor, I've been in touch with a couple of beta readers who read Natalie's Getting Married and I'm hoping they will want to read Single by Christmas, too. Fingers crossed. All good feedback helps with the final product.

My next gruelling task is writing a blurb. Yeuck! I hate writing those. They're so hard to get right. I recently noticed one author doing a poll on her blog in which she asked her readers to pick from a choice of two. Usually I send my blurb out to a few writer friends and try to get some comments and opinions. After a few days of my blurb going backwards and forwards, I'll end up with a something I'm happy with.

Some good advice I picked up when writing a blurb is to look at what the bestsellers in your genre and try to 'borrow' from their examples. Because I believe that blurbs should have the writers voice and the same tone as the novel itself, it might not be easy to adapt someone else's way of writing blurbs to suit you needs. Be selective if you're looking for examples but most of all, be yourself, I say.

But really I'm stalling a bit, I need to get on and write this blurb because sadly it won't write itself.

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