Monday, 13 June 2016

Update: Giving Books Away Free

Should writers give their books away for FREE?

Well I never thought I would and I always wondered, when I saw other authors do it, what on earth possessed them to. But, as I said in this post today's consumer wants to try before they buy, or they want a BOGOF.

Freebies seem to be the order of the day for some products to entice buyers and, sadly, books fall into that category. While that sucks for people who put everything they have, body, soul and hard earned cash, into producing a product, unless you are a bestseller or a celebrity, you may well have to give your art away in order for people to take a chance on you.

Anyway. I made the decision and the results seem to have paid off.

Firstly, let me say I am mainly talking about the ebook version of Natalie's Getting Married which is on KDP at the moment, so these results are all based on Amazon sales.

Before either of my books were free (one is perma free now) my ranking on the Amazon BestSeller List was way down in the high millions and I must have sold about a handful of books since the book came on the market in March of this year.

Helping to Promote my Free KDP Days

  • I did a bit of research on the above and discovered that people on the prowl for a free ebook tend to do so on a weekend, Sunday in particular. So I chose the Bank Holiday Weekend (here in UK) to promote Natalie's Getting Married as free for four of my five day entitlement on KDP.
  • During my research I came across the idea of advertising with sites that advertise free kindle books to generate a wider knowledge of my generosity. I found this site which listed sites that advertise your free Kindle ebooks and this one! (Please note: Some info is a little out of date on these links and not all links work - but it's a start).
  • As luck would have it, because of my surname, I was able to take advantage of getting tons of re-tweets on Twitter because of a group I belong to on Facebook.
  • I also Tweeted like mad about the #giveaway. 

The Results

During the free period my book entered the top 100 in the Free Kindle Rankings and in a few categories it got as far as top three! Then, after the free period was over the book quickly shot up thousands of places in the paid rankings. I've checked from time to time and noticed it got into the 3000's at one stage. Since then it's been luxuriating in the 4000's and never lower than 10,000. And while that might be laughable to some writers who are always top 100, I've been doing backward flips because I never thought as a new comer who can't market her books for toffee, that I could ever get that high up the rankings. In some categories like Humour and Women's Fiction, I've been in the top 100! Also I've had a few more reviews on Amazon, most of which were 5* and only one stinker who still gave the book 3*

So, I'm a long way from becoming a bestseller but I know I have to bide my time. I need more books and I'm working on that. I've almost finished writing my Christmas book and I've already got outlines and an opening few pages for my trilogy. More on what I #amwriting to come!

My next adventure in KDP promotions will be a price drop. I'll keep you posted!

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