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Monday, 6 June 2016


I recently read a great post by writer Ana Spoke in which she addresses the problem writers of funny or comedic humour come across when trying to promote their books. So her idea was for writers of 'funny' to help cross promote each other!

Read the post by Ana Spoke by clicking here!

So #ComedyBookWeek is coming soon and I will be taking part by promoting posts, book reviews and info about all the participating authors.

In particular, lined up for that week, I will be featuring on my blog an interview by the Comedy Book Week founder, Ana Spoke, about her books, Shizzle Inc and Indiot which make up part of the Isa Maxwell Escapades series.

I will be hosting guest posts by author of It Started With a Snub, Bernadette Maycock and Susan Daffron who is the author of the Alpine Grove Romantic Comedies

And that's just for starters. Look out for #ComedyBookWeek on all the social media platforms and Share, Retweet and Like as much as you can. You'll be helping writers and you may discover a few you didn't know!

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