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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Free book anyone?

I don't know about you but I love a freebie. I'm a big sucker for anything gratis, whether it's something I want or not. For example I once bought a magazine because they were giving away a free nail polish. I don't even like that magazine and the nail polish sits there untouched because it isn't even my colour!
Pink nail polish.
But every now and again it is possible to grab a freebie that you really quite like and were happy you were at the right place at the right time to grab it with both hands.

I guess that's what I'm hoping will be the case when I tell you that my novella, Sleeping With Your Best Friend is permanently free. You don't have to battle anyone else to the ground for it, you just need to pop here and take a copy.

Most of all I'm hoping it's a freebie you'll like and that if you do, you'll pop back over here and tell me what you thought. Actually come back over and tell if you didn't like it and why. But do try it - it's free!


  1. I do like free things, but I also like keeping my life uncluttered, so I don't always snag free things when I see them. I tweeted about your free book though.

    1. That's really kind of you - thank you! And, Ok, I'll try and lay off the freebies I don't need. (But these things take time to you know) :)

  2. I tweeted about your free book though.


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