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Friday, 8 April 2016

#A-Z Challenge [2016]

Getting on with her life until Friday morning and acting as if coffee with Richard was just a casual arrangement, was not as easy as Marianne thought it might be. She was restless and agitated. True she hadn’t been on a date in a long time, but she convinced herself it wasn’t a date. She hadn’t even met anyone casually for coffee in a long time either.
He seemed to have been the first of many to start the defrost of the icy exterior she’d put up around her to stop anyone coming close. Marianne was near enough a recluse when it came to friendships. She knew it was wrong of her but she always hated that moment when a conversation with anyone got round to the question of whether she had children or why she didn’t have them. It happened too often for her liking. Being out of work had fuelled the loner existence but her savings account had seriously depleted and she had no choice but to return to work.
The art gallery job would save her life. Maybe it was the euphoria at knowing that she could make the mortgage payments let her drop her guard for the two seconds it took for Richard to start melting away some of the ice.
She did like him, in a romantic way, but not only that, there was something warm about him, something gentle. Of course there was still that nagging feeling she’d known him from somewhere before, but she satisfied herself that it was just because she wanted to get to know him that made him all the more familiar.
On Thursday evening she ran herself a long bath. Rest and relaxation was what she needed after two hours of deciding what to wear for their coffee the next morning. Silly, she thought to herself. it’s not a date – it’s just coffee. All the same, a pair of Miss Sixty jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt in cerise, she’d bought from Portobello market that day, were hanging over the back of her chair, all ready for the morning.
All she had to do now was sink into the rose and vanilla scented bath and relax. She closed her eyes and smiled then shot bolt upright in the bath – what if he didn’t show up?


  1. I don't know how I've done it but I seem to keep playing catch up with these A to Z posts. Damn! LOL
    Isn't that the way it goes we stress out over each detail, what to wear, how to do our hair, the right amount of makeup for the time of day. Even the purse we carry. Woman are so silly! :)

    1. Even when we tells ourselves we shouldn't do it - we still do! Thanks for coming by :)

  2. So many worries! I hope she gets a good night's sleep. :)

    Yvonne V

  3. She really needs that bath. Give that girl some wine while she's at it. I'm sure he'll show up ;)

    1. Is it too late too write in a glass of wine? I missed that one :)


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