Monday, 25 April 2016

#A-Z Challenge [2016]

Up the road she flew and towards the art gallery. Marianne was sure she heard footsteps behind her and was sure Richard had followed her out of the coffee shop. She was right. Just at the door to the gallery he tapped her shoulder.
“Why the rush?” he asked her before she could push open the door.
“I had to get back to work.” She held up the bag of pastries as proof.
“But you left your receipt.” He held it out, she took it.
“Thanks. I should be getting back.”
Just then, Penny popped outside and took hold of the bag of baked goods. “I’ll take these and get the coffee on. You two just carry on.” Penny backed into the gallery giving Marianne a look that said, ‘You didn’t tell me your boyfriend looked like George Clooney.’
“I don’t want to get you into trouble,” Richard said as he watched the gallery door close behind Penny and noticed Xander hovering close by. “It’s just that …”
“That what?” Marianne said, also noticing Xander and wondering if he was cross. She couldn’t tell through the glass.
“It’s just that I do mind that you blew me off like that. I don’t get it,” Richard said. “I was looking forward to us going out for a meal this week.”
Marianne crossed her arms. She’d had enough of people lying to her. “And is that because the younger woman is out of town?”
“What younger woman?”
“Long dark hair, slim, gorgeous.”
Richard looked puzzled, or at least he was doing a good job of looking puzzled. Marianne continued.
“Are there that many you don’t know which one I mean? I’m talking about the one you took out to dinner on Friday night. Notting Hill Gate? I saw you get into a taxi with her. You kissed her.”
Richard’s mouth dropped open. He was caught out.


  1. I wonder what his explanation will be? His niece? Daughter? :-)

  2. Sorry, she has no right. I hope he turns on his heel and leaves without an explanation. It sounds like she stalking him. He's be better off finding a less emotional drama queen!

  3. And now we're at the moment where he tells her she just shoved her foot down her throat.

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