Monday, 11 April 2016

A - Z Challenge [2016]

Is it okay if I take this?” he asked.
She nodded and held her coffee cup to her lips while staring out of the window, pretending not to mind. Richard grunted a couple of ‘Yes’s’ and No’s’.
“Look I can’t talk now, I’ll see you tonight,” he said. She glanced at him quickly to see if he looked pleased to be seeing whoever it was tonight. She was sure she heard a female voice and she was sure he’d softened his voice when he made the promise to ‘see you tonight’ to whoever was on the end of the line. The girl half his age or …?
“Richard are you married?”
“No. Are you?”
“No I’m not. I just wanted to check. I mean ask you. It’s not that you’re about to propose to me or anything. It’s coffee. I mean maybe you just want to be friends but, I mean, I just wanted to ask. You know what I mean?”
He smiled.
“Don’t laugh at me,” Marianne said.
“Never. I’m not married. I made an assumption you weren’t married and I thought you had of me. I was hoping you weren’t because I wanted to …” He broke away and gave one of his wide smiles.
“Because what?” she asked.
“Because I wanted to ask you out. I mean proper, like dinner or something.”
Marianne was stunned. It was exactly what she’d wanted him to do. She was about to leap ahead and answer yes when the small matter of the young girl in the selfie jumped into her mind. She opened her mouth, about to answer but said nothing. Just stared at him with half a Danish pastry in her hand.
“Well?” he said. “Are you going to answer me or what?”


  1. Woman, relax already and say yes. Sheesh. :)

  2. Come on, say yes! You know the young girl is going to be a sister or something because this is a love story. ;);)

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  3. Pastry first, answer later. Priorities. :-P

  4. Great cliffhanger! ~Liz

  5. Get your priorities right girl - don't keep that Danish pastry waiting!

    Keith's Ramblings: a story with 4 neglected J words!

  6. Play it cool, ask about the girl and have it over with, she's a sister, or daughter. WTF - really, just because he isn't married now doesn't mean he's never been married. Okay, say yes, at least get a dinner out of it! LOL


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