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Thursday, 18 February 2016

What I #amreading #amwriting!

It seems that every time I move away from my laptop I'm reaching for a book and grabbing a cuppa. All I do is read or write these days and I haven't come up for air. I feel like there's a world going on around me that I'm missing and vow not to become a recluse!

So, before I break out of here and go and catch up with the rest of humanity I thought I'd share what it is I'm reading and writing at the moment.


My current Chick-Lit book fix:
Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon has been described as "Chick-Lit with an edge." I'd go along with that. The general premise is that Tamsin, who is best friends with Michelle, suspects Michelle's husband, Patrick, of cheating. Tamsin sets a honey trap with the aid of her personal assistant, Bea, with disastous effect.

I'm half way through and finding it intriguing. Book review to follow next week. Promise. Still deciding if this is 3 or 4 stars.


My current Chick-Lit writing challenge(s)
You know how I love a challenge, right? Well I've decided I'd write my Christmas, Chick-Lit novel as well as my next novel - at the same time! Yes, I know it's a massive challenge but I got the ideas simultaneously and I just had to get on and write them. Oh and did I mention my job is a ghostwriter? So I'm writing up to three stories at a time.

It's no wonder I'm glued to my laptop!

Both books are still in the early stages and I have to wrap my mind around just one at a time when I sit down to write, which is hard. So, before I go totally cray-cray and lose the plot, I'm ditching the pen, notebook, laptop, chick-lit novel and I'm off to get some fresh air.

See you soon!

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