Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Character Interviews: Natalie's Getting Married [Pt 4]

Meet Jackson Humphries

Sporty, handsome, charming Jackson sweeps Natalie off her feet. He's her first love and has a major impact on her life. But in the end, do we, as readers, love or hate him?

Tell me a bit about your background
Well, it's no secret that I come from money. I stand to have a massive inheritance one day. I'm an only child and a lot of people would be envious of the advantages I had. I should really have gone to Oxford or Cambridge but that was my little bit of a rebellion against my family. Besides, if I'd gone to a top university, I would never have met Natalie.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
That was definitely the time my mother drops a bombshell into a conversation with Natalie. She boldly announces to the girl I love, that if she wants to marry me she needs to sign a prenuptial contract that says she gets nothing if we end up divorcing! I mean how tactless was that? She never even gave me the opportunity to warn Natalie first!

What is your biggest weakness?
To be honest, I didn't think I had one until I met Natalie. My weakness was definitely her. Once I'd gotten to really know her, I was hers; nothing else mattered. I made some big mistakes, I'm not proud of them, but I did learn from them and I owe that all to Natalie 

What would people most like about you or admire you for?
If you talk to people who know me, you'll realise I'm quite talented in many ways. Some might say it's my photography they like or how good I am at sports. It could even be the amazing car I drive or even my looks - I do have a reputation with the ladies. But when it comes to women, I'm a one woman guy. I think that's something that can be said for me. I know a lot of people would have a lot to say about my love life, but I never set out to deliberately hurt anyone. I swear.

Thanks Jackson!

It was a tough decision trying to cast Jackson for the imaginary Natalie's Getting Married  film. Physically, he's athletic, dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. He's extremely good looking and very sure of himself. In the end, I came up with a young Colin Farrell. But I might ask for a screen test before I give him the job.
Yeah, this is probably a good casting - a definite cheeky look about him. What do you think?

My next interview is with the old before her time, Alissa - Natalie's assistant at The Picture House. Watch this space :) 

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