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Monday, 8 February 2016

Character Interviews: Natalie's Getting Married [Pt 2]

Meet Gabriel Miller

He's our male lead, he's a second year at university when Natalie is a Fresher. Gabriel saves Natalie from that awkward situation of being the new girl and quickly gets her integrated into university life. He's there through thick and thin, the ups and downs and readers adore him!

Tell me about your background
I'm the middle child from a working class family from Manchester. I'm the arty type. You know I read books, learned to play the flute and went to art galleries when my friends were playing football. I'm not a wimp, though. I look after my physique but I love to feed my brain. I always wanted to be a writer.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I talk, joke and mess around but I'm the shy type really. So I guess the most embarrassing thing for me was being part of a prank that Bella wanted to play on Natalie. It meant my having to wear tight jeans (as requested) and to dance in public, in front of Natalie. She never saw it coming. But my embarrassment quickly turned to happiness when I saw the look on Natalie's face. Although it took me out of my comfort zone, it made Natalie's day and that made me happy.

What would you say is your biggest weakness?
I guess that would be my shyness and wanting to make sure everyone else is happy, especially the people I love, even if it means I'm unhappy as a result.  I guess people would call that a strength but it has led to some pretty dark moments for me. Maybe people might think I'm a bit distant at times but I just call it being intense. Which I am. That might be another weakness, guess it depends on who's judging.

What would people most like about you or admire you for?
Well, not to be a bighead or anything but a lot people like my writing - my poems, short stories and novels. I do make a living as a writer and things worked out well for me in terms of my career. I was lucky. I had someone in my corner, championing my writing and it was because of her my work got seen by a publisher.

Is the person you're talking about Natalie by any chance?
Well, Natalie learned a lot by reading my book, London and Me, so I guess you'll have to read Natalie's Getting Married to find out who did help me get that first break. *does one of his killer smiles*

Thank you Gabriel!

When it came to casting an actor to play a part in my imaginary film of Natalie's Getting Married I needed a handsome guy with fair hair, hazel eyes and messy clothes. Gabriel is gorgeous and doesn't know it, which for me is the best kind of gorgeous there is.

The actor, Alex O'Loughlin, who starred in rom com classic, Back-up Plan with Jennifer Lopez was my first and only choice. I loved that movie and I loved him in it.
I've chosen this moody shot as I think it captures the depth of character in Gabriel and his sometimes messy, but casual look.

The next interview is with Bella: Natalie's over the top BFF. Watch this space :)

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