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Friday, 15 January 2016

New Year, New Books 2016 Tour and Giveaway

Continuing with the NYNB 2016 Tour I pleased to introduce author Ruth Kaufman and her book, The Bride Tournament

An Excerpt:

Eleanor moved through the crowd, absently greeting those who offered good wishes. Her father
stood with several friends, imposing in his midnight blue velvet robe and beaver hat. Their
conversation came to a halt when she approached. 
“My pardon. Father, where is Arthur?”
Lord Edmund de la Tour turned, a grim expression on his narrow face. His companions stared as if they’d
never seen her before.
What did they know that she didn’t? Foreboding trickled through her.
“You’ll see him anon.” He raised his voice over the guests’ conversations.
Only twice had her father looked this serious. Once when he told her that her older brother had been
killed in battle, and last week when he caught her in his alchemy workshop.
Eleanor could barely suck in enough air to speak. Music blared, no longer festive.
“What’s wrong?” Tears welled in her eyes. “Is he ill? Injured?”
“Arthur is well.”
Several guests inched closer, clearly sensing something was amiss. No doubt they wondered what juicy
tidbit of gossip they’d be first to hear.
Her father directed her into an alcove removed from avid listeners. Alyce and Maud crowded the small
space. The air was so still the gauze veils on their tall headdresses didn’t dare flutter.
“Leave us,” her father ordered with a wave of his beringed hand.
Her sister and friend turned in a swish of trailing skirts and hurried away.
“You’re scaring me.” Eleanor couldn’t keep her voice from trembling.
“You’ll think me the bearer of bad tidings, daughter,” he said. “But ‘tis for the best. You cannot marry
Arthur. Not now. Not ever.”

To connect with Ruth go to her blog, or find her on Goodreads, or Facebook or follow her on Twitter on @RuthKaufman

And don't forget to drop in on the tour coordinator Ama et Bemma for more updates and sign up below for the Giveaway!

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