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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Lost In Writing

I've found myself lost in many things before; music, fog, the one way system in Richmond. This time I've been lost in my writing and I'm finally coming up for air. So, apologies for being off line for so long. I'm sure I've missed loads and I can't wait to play catch up on what's been happening with everyone.

During my absence, I have, however, managed to complete my first full length novel. The long awaited Natalie's Getting Married, transformed itself from a three part novella trilogy to something a bit more meaty.

I was told by my lovely Beta readers that 'going long' was a good idea. I have to say that after the novella, Sleeping With Your Best Friend, a complete novel was a tall order, but I have an appetite for writing them now.

Natalie's Gettng Married will come out in early 2016. I'm thinking, February but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime how would you like to check out the cover? Well, I leave you know choice, because here it is:
See you soon! Well provided I don't get lost on my way here that is...