Friday, 26 June 2015

Pre Launch Nerves

With just days to go before my first novella is released, the nerves are creeping in. For the release of Sleeping With Your Best Friend, I haven't planned an elaborate party. It's an ebook so it's not as if I could book a venue, call up everyone I know and do a book signing or anything.

Instead, my launch is a virtual one. My own mini blog tour that took weeks to organise and will last for one week only starts on 29th June.

Maybe I needed to make a bigger fuss; maybe a fanfare or at least a bubble machine, but I decided instead that less is more and will tweet and post like mad to spread the word.

So release date is 30th June and I can't wait, if nothing else, to read the reviews from my blog tour hosts and see the first ever blog posts about 'Sleeping'.

I'm preparing myself for every eventuality because I know the bloggers writing the reviews will be honest and I have to be able to accept every comment - good or bad - and any criticism, and listen to advice.

That was my level head talking. Deep down I want everyone to love the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Only time will tell.

So until then, I'll be counting down the days and keeping everything crossed that my first novella is well received!

In the meantime, Sleeping With Your Best Friend is available for pre-order here and will be on sale from 30th June from here and here.

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